Gila River Telecommunications

GRTI employs 65 employees with over 65% being community members. Telephone service has jumped from 10% to 80% with the ability to serve 100% of the community and a total of 3350 lines. Residential customers also enjoy DSL services. GRTI is busy upgrading Gila River residential communities with Fiber-To-The-Home for services of the future.

The present GRTI network is capable of providing the same services as the larger companies to any business, large or small. When you give us your business we give you the reliability and quality of service you expect.



Alluvion Communications

Alluvion Communications provides small to medium business customers with turnkey solutions to efficiently customize voice, data and Internet services at an affordable price.

Centuries ago, alluvial springs located throughout the Gila River Indian Community provided a source of water and nutrients for growth and subsistence. Our ancestors called the “shon.” Even as the river appeared dry; the underground water source would continue to flow, seemingly inexhaustible. The name, Alluvion Communications, was established on the theory of the “inexhaustible” flowing springs and now provides a source of communications to commercial entities.

Alluvion Communications is a resource for expansion and development to neighboring cities. Utilizing resources and well-established practices, from the parent company Gila River Telecommunications, Inc., Alluvion Communications offers wholesale and advanced retail services, and a fully redundant, survivable route for the Community’s communications. Alluvion’s expanded technology is geared to assist in business development.



Gila River Broadcasting Corporation

The Gila River Broadcasting Corporation (GRBC) is the first Low Power Television station operating in Indian Country with both English and O’odham language programming. The Gila River Indian Community, a sovereign tribal nation, identified a need for culturally competent and respectful programming that was not available for their community members. Their vision became a reality in January 2015, when the first program was aired over high definition channels 19, 21, and 29.

Local TV audiences within the seven districts of the Gila River Indian Community can look GRBC for cultural, language, public safety, education, health and wellness, news, and children programing. The plan is to generate revenue through advertising. The stations goal is to eventually produce local O’odham content by, and for, the People.